7 Days GM Diet Plan to Lose Weight Quickly

7 Days GM Diet Plan to Lose Weight Quickly – Indian Vegetarian Diet Plan

When it comes to losing weight, we all know how difficult it can be. For many people, it could be a forever process. They exercise, eat the weirdest of foods as their weight loss diet plan and sometimes, even deprive themselves of eating completely – all to lose weight. But the biggest problem here is that, if you adopt a more stringent and difficult diet plan, you are more likely to lose your determination midway and this would mean, your weight loss goals will never be fulfilled. If you want to know how to lose weight and do that without much difficulty, the GM diet is perhaps the best answer for you.

7 Days GM Diet Plan to Lose Weight

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What is the General Motors Diet Plan?

The General Motors diet plan for weight loss is in use for quite some time now. It was first devised in the year 1985 by the General Motors Company, in coordination with the FDA and the Department of Agriculture, United States. This diet plan weight loss was devised by the company primarily for its own employees in order to make them healthier and thereby, more productive.

The results of the General Motors diet plan were quite impressive. People, who wanted to know how to lose weight fast, lost about 10 – 17 pounds of weight with this diet plan in just about a week. The employees of General Motors, who followed this 7 days diet plan to lose weight not just lost weight but also experienced improved efficiency, grew a lot more confident and also felt more energized than ever before. The General Motors diet plan was hence found to be a huge success.

The best thing about this diet plan for weight loss is the fact that it is very simple to follow. There are no difficult methods to prepare the fat burning foods that should be consumed with this weight loss diet, nor is there any need to significantly alter the daily routine. This is definitely the fastest way to lose weight and the easiest way too!

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The Objectives of GM Diet

The most important objective of this diet plan is weight management. This weight loss diet was basically designed to help the employees of General Motors to stay fit and thereby get more productive at work. The program was targeted at mainly middle-aged group people.

Here are the typical objectives of the GM diet plan –

  • To get a well-toned body that is free of accumulated fat deposits
  • To cleanse and detoxify the body and thereby have a positive impact on the emotional and mental health of the person
  • To ensure that calories burnt are always higher than the calories consumed
  • To maintain a proportional BMI
  • To prevent health conditions such as arthritis, cardiovascular issues and blood pressure related issues – that are connected to obesity

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What Makes The GM Diet Effective?

The GM diet is a 7 day diet program which does not impact your health and overall wellness. With this diet plans to lose weight, you adopt a quick way to lose weight. With this diet plan for weight loss, you will basically restrict your diet for a week to consuming fruits, veggies, chicken and brown rice. So, basically, with this diet plan weight loss, you will focus on eating a blend of complex carbohydrates along with low calorie veggies and fruits.You will also increase your water intake. This will help you achieve weight loss in 7 days up to 17 pounds, without going unhealthy and becoming weak. Here is an everyday GM diet chart that will help you understand this diet plan better.

General Motors Diet Plan – Day One

The key aspect to keep in mind for the first day of this weight loss diet plan is that you will be consuming all fruits, all day long. However, you can’t consume banana on the day one. Watermelon and cantaloupe are the recommended fruits as they give best results. Along with the fruits, you will need to consume at least 8 to 12 glasses of water for this vegan diet plan to work.

So, typically you will start your 7 days diet plan to lose weight with a vegetarian diet but it will not be for the same for the rest of the 7 days of the GM diet plan. On the first day, you are allowed to consume fruits, as many as you want, restricting you only on bananas that have to be avoided. There are no constraints on how many times you can eat fruits or when you should eat them. Eating fruits that are rich in fibre content are the best for this day. Good suggestions for you here are apples, oranges and papaya. As already mentioned, watermelon and cantaloupe are best fruits you can consume on this day. Also, remember that you have to drink 8-12 glasses of water without fail. The point here is that you should not be starving yourself really. Whenever you feel hunger, grab a fruit and eat. That’s it. No starving.

The fibre rich fruits will keep you feeling full and satiated. You can also try the best fibre for weight loss. The fruits are low on fat content so that is obviously good for you. The water intake is good enough to help you remove all the toxins in your body and prepare you for the remaining 6 days of this plan of fastest way to lose weight.

Recommended General Motors diet chart for Day One


The first meal of the day, the breakfast is essential component of the General Motors diet plan. For the first day breakfast, you can have fruits such as melons, papaya and apples. However, the recommended fruit is apple. A couple of glasses of water is mandatory.


For lunch, water based fruits such as melons are ideal. Kiwis and mangoes are also good alternatives here for the first day of your GM Diet Plan.

Snacks and beverages

The main beverage for your first day is water. Stay hydrated with at least 12 glasses of water throughout the day. For your mid-day snacks, add some fresh fruit juices to your diet.Coconut water is also a great alternative. Of course, you can eat a variety of fruits too as your mid-day snacks.


You may way to return to melons for dinner. Kiwis and oranges are good as well. But melons can make you feel too filled up. Hence, restrict it to half a bowl.

General Motors Diet Plan – Day Two

The day two of this weight loss diet is the veggies day. A large boiled potato with some cooked or uncooked veggies (without oil) is what you are allowed to eat on the day two of this 7 days diet plan to lose weight. Again, drinking at least 8 to 12 glasses of water is mandatory. The recommended vegetables include the carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, cabbage and beans.

The vegetable-only diet will help your body get all the essential nutrients it needs to sustain the weight loss in 7 days program. Potatoes have enough carbohydrates that your body needs. Peas contain proteins, beans and carrots have the necessary amount of fibre and other essential vitamins. The day one was a no-carb day and following up with this vegan diet plan will replenish carbs and energize your body.

Recommended General Motors diet chart for Day Two


Start your day with a boiled or baked potato. You can add a dash of olive oil to make it more interesting.


For lunch, consume lighter veggies. Go for broccoli, asparagus, cucumbers, lettuce and cabbages. Again, you can use some olive oil or mayonnaise to add some seasoning to your veggies.

Snacks and beverages

Restrict your day to consuming only veggie treats. You may have boiled or steamed vegetables for snacks. Leafy vegetables and cherry tomatoes are your saviours here. Lots of water is important to keep you hydrated.


Add fresh greens to your dinner. You can also eat beets but don’t eat a lot of them as they may make you feel a bit bloated.

You may want to have vegetable soups if you are not keen on having raw, steamed or boiled veggies.

General Motors Diet Plan – Day Three

On the third day, you are allowed to consume a mixture of fruits and vegetables except bananas and potatoes. As for the vegetables, you can have them cooked or uncooked as per your preference but no use of oil. Water, about 8 to 12 glasses, stands unchanged.

The mixture of veggies and fruits on your third day of the diet program will replenish your body. You get the necessary fibre, nutrients and everything that your body needs to stay energized. The variety of fruits and vegetables will give your taste buds a quick treat.

Recommended General Motors diet chart for Day Three


Start with an apple. If you feel hungry, you may have some melons too. But make sure that you have enough water to aid digestion.


You can repeat your day 2 lunch diet here but to add a little variety, you can have more of tomatoes. Cucumber and lettuce salads are like no-brainers here.

Snacks and beverages

Have a combination of fruits, fresh veggies and fruit juices for your snacks and beverage needs throughout the day. But yes, don’t forget on the water intake.


Have a serving of boiled veggies and follow it up with a fruit dessert.

General Motors Diet Plan – Day Four

This is the banana kind of a day. Yes, you can feast on bananas on the fourth day of your weight loss GM diet plan. You can have about 8 to 10 bananas the whole day with 4 glasses of milk and of course 8 to 10 glasses of water.

Banana is an instant energy booster. Bananas are also rich in proteins and potassium. They also contain pectin, which aids in digestion. And, milk is a great companion for the banana. It is a wonderful source of calcium and potassium as well as vitamin D.

Recommended General Motors diet chart for Day Four


Give your day a good start with bananas and a glass of warm milk. You may supplement the milk with almond milk or coconut milk too. You can even try a banana meal with slices of banana in a bowl of milk like the breakfast cereals.


Have a bowl of the GM diet soup here. It will give you the necessary amount of nutrients as well as a sort of variety to your taste buds.

Snacks and beverages

The main snack for your day is banana and the main beverage is milk. You can try banana milk shakes with some honey as a variation to this.


Your dinner is a combination of veggies followed by a glass of banana shake. But if you are feeling too full, you may skip the banana shake and have just a banana instead.

Make sure that you drink about 8 glasses of water throughout the day.

General Motors Diet Plan – Day Five

This day is a real feast considering the kind of food you have been having for the prior four days. On the fifth day of your GM diet plan, you will be allowed to eat a bowl of rice with your favourite chicken or fish. The vegetarians can opt for a bowl of brown rice instead. Along with this, you will also consume six tomatoes. Because, your body will be producing a high amount of uric acid, the daily consumption of water should be increased to 15 glasses on this day.

The brown rice is a great source of carbs and aids in digestion as well. Fish and chicken are both wonderful lean proteins for your body. Tomatoes are a power house of fibre and they aid digestion as well.

Recommended General Motors diet chart for Day Five


Start your day with some braised beef and soup. This meal will provide you enough energy for the rest of the day.


For lunch, you can have a hamburger patty with tomatoes. Avoid the bread though. Since your body will be producing more of uric acid, you will have to increase your water intake to 15 glasses a day.

Snacks and beverages

You have already had some juices in the past days so stick to only water for your beverage needs. For snacks, veggies are a good choice.


You can have another hamburger without the bread for your dinner with tomatoes and the GM diet soup.

General Motors Diet Plan – Day Six

This is another feast day in your 7 days diet plan to lose weight. You can follow a similar pattern as day five but you will need to add boiled vegetables to your diet.

The non-vegetarians can have about 500 grams of chicken (skinless).

Recommended General Motors diet chart for Day Six


Start with a bowl of mixed vegetables. Stewed and boiled vegetables are better here. You can even have a bowl of mixed veggies with beef cutlets.


For lunch, a bowl of beef and broccoli is a good option. Make sure to not include potatoes and bread in your diet.

Snacks and beverages

Munch on as much as green as you would want. You may have coconut water along with the regular water.


Hamburger with vegetable soup is your ideal dinner here. No bread, though.

General Motors Diet Plan – Day Seven

So, yes. Today is the final day of your diet. You sure will see a significant weight loss. On your final day of the 7 days diet plan to lose weight, you are allowed to have a serving of brown rice and all the veggies you like.You can supplement your diet with natural fruits juices here.

Recommended General Motors diet chart for Day Seven


A bowl of white or brown rice is good for your breakfast. If you want to save rice for the lunch, you can have some fruits here like papaya or melons.


A bowl of rice is a great lunch time meal. Have it with a bowl of cooked veggies.

Snacks and beverages

Have fruits such as berries as your snacks. You can have fruit juices along with water.


You may end your day with another bowl of white rice and a bowl of vegetables.

With the General Motors Diet Plan, you don’t just get weight loss in 7 days but will also experience improved digestion. This GM Diet Plan will also cleanse your body of all the toxins and make you feel rejuvenated.

The GM Diet Rules

Apart from the above recommended GM diet chart, here are a certain rules that every person on this diet plan needs to follow all through the course of the diet –

  1. Staying hydrated is very essential and this requires people to drink lots of water. Suggested intake is 10 to 12 glasses of water each day.
  2. Alcohol consumption is strictly not permitted during the course of this diet. The fact is that alcohol can nullify the effect of this diet.
  3. The diet plan allows the dieters to take other beverages such as fruit juices, green tea weight loss, iced tea, black coffee, club soda or black tea. However, these drinks are not permitted on all days. You will need to follow the diet chart to see when you can consume drinks other than water.

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The Health Benefits of General Motors Diet Plan

As you must have read above, GM diet plan is not always an easy thing to try. Yes, it does require some amount of dedication from your but more importantly, it requires a consistent effort. Many times, people who start off with this weight loss diet are quite excited in the initial couple of days but then, monotony creeps in. Of course, there are the temptations too because you can’t isolate yourself from the world around just because you are on a 7 day diet plan to lose weight. This would mean, you will continue to go out for work or meet friends. In these situations, you are sure to come across people who would be eating their heart full. You see, the temptations!

There is some motivation too. GM diet can be tough but if you read about the many benefits of this diet plan weight loss, you will surely feel motivated to try this vegan diet plan rather seriously. So, what are these health benefits apart from the weight loss? Here, you go –

Develops Your Digestive System

When you are following the General Motors diet plan for weight loss in 7 days, you will be strictly consuming fruits and vegetables in the first two days.This will give your digestive system a boost and prepare your body to be better. Fruits are a great source of nutrients too and they help in building your strength.

Improves Your Energy Levels

The diet plan is so planned that it can give you enough energy even if the individuals are restricting their calorie intake.That’s because the diet plan ensures your body gets the necessary nutrients to keep it going.

Supports in Burning Excess Calories

With this diet plan weight loss, you are also encouraged to perform light body weight exercises.

This will ensure that you burn excess calories and achieve your weight loss goals sooners and more efficiently.

Help with Managing Obesity

Since it is a proven way to lose fat fast, people who are prone to weight gain can adopt this GM diet plan every few weeks to keep a check on their obesity.

Apart from the above benefits, this diet plan can also help in managing sicknesses or illnesses that can be triggered due to weight gain or because of accumulation of harmful fats in your body. This diet plan will also help in maintaining your overall health and fitness.

Of course, you get the weight loss advantage too. With this 7 days diet plan to lose weight, you can efficiently lose up to 5 kg weight in a span of a week. This is without any adverse health impact and hence, this is the best benefit of this weight loss diet.

Are There Any Drawbacks of the GM Diet?

To be true, every coin has two sides. That being said, GM diet may pose some issues too. Some people may experience mood swings, some may feel irritable. Some may start losing hair while there might be some who may face dry skin in the first couple of days. But if you have been wondering about how to lose weight fast and have tried several methods and diet plans, you may be better off using this diet plan too. Clearly, the benefits associated with this diet plan are far more than the potential drawbacks.

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The Side Effects of General Motors Diet Plan

Though the GM diet plan is known to give great results with weight loss in 7 days, the fact is that it is not always suitable to everyone. This is the reason why it is always better to consult your health practitioner before opting for this weight loss diet plan. That being said, here are some side effects of the GM diet that you should be aware of. If you are facing any of these, it is best to discontinue the diet immediately and consult a doctor on advice if you can continue with the diet plan or not.

  • The diet plan puts several restrictions and limitations of food intake. This is hence, not a practical long term diet plan. Also, your body cannot survive with the limitations forever. This is the reason why this diet plan should not be followed continuously.
  • This diet plan is not suitable to certain people like pregnant women or those who have chronic ailments such as diabetes or hypertension. The diet is also not suitable for children.
  • The GM diet is quite criticized for its rigidity. Rigidity causes monotony and people who follow this diet often develop emotional imbalance for restricting themselves consistently to food that they would want to eat. Hunger cravings, mood swings and irritability are hence commonly seen in these dieters.
  • This diet plan can also significantly slow down your metabolism rate as it allows for a complete change in your food and eating habits. This might be too sudden in some people and can lead to digestive problems. While not everyone may have this issue, those who are prone to digestive issues should definitely avoid this diet program.
  • There are some health risks associated with this diet plan too. People who have tried this diet have complained of persistent hair loss, headache and dry skin during the initial few days of the diet program. Anaemia, general weakness and fatigue are also quite commonly experienced by people on this diet plan.
  • The most prominent criticism that this diet plan has received is that the weight loss achieved at the end of the 7-day period is only temporary and superficial. Many people even claim that the weight loss is only on account of the water weight that the body has lost. This implies the weight will come right back when people begin consuming their regular diet from the 8th day onwards. A suggestion here would be to ensure that you keep yourself away from unhealthy foods forever but that is asking for a little too much.
  • This weight loss diet plan can lead to nutritional deficiencies. While it is true that the plan takes into account the number and type of nutrients required by your body and plans the food intake accordingly, it is not always possible to meet all the nutritional requirements with the severe food choice restrictions. Some people may not be too fond of certain fruits or vegetables that the GM diet chart recommends and because they are not allowed to eat anything else, these people may just stay hungry.
  • This diet program requires a huge degree of tolerance and patience from the dieters. The rigid structure of the diet plan depends on complete cooperation from the dieters and if they are unable to exercise this required tolerance, the diet plan will fail.
  • There is no emphasis on exercise in this diet plan. In any kind of weight management, physical exercise is quite important too. Without physical exercise and with just focus on food choices, the weight loss is sure to have only temporary effect.
  • As mentioned above already, this diet plan is quite monotonous. Consuming only fruits and vegetables is not a great approach for human beings are conditioned to give their taste buds a lot more variety. Restricting food choices so much actually kills the motivation to stick to this diet plan.
  • The diet plan can also lead to sudden muscle weakness in some dieters. This happens in the initial two days of the diet plan when the muscle tissues are deprived of the proteins they were habituated to receive. However, the condition gets normalized as your body gets used to the diet plan.

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Dealing with the Side Effect of the General Motors Diet Plan

In order to effectively deal and manage the above mentioned side effects, the following ideas are suggested –Be Disciplined

Be Disciplined

Discipline is absolutely essential to follow this diet plan. Food restrictions are to be followed to the tee. Any food cheats will decrease the effectiveness of this diet plan.Also, following the diet in its sequential form is important too. For example, you cannot swap the day 7 with day 3.Opt for Regular Exercise

Opt for Regular Exercise

Proper exercise is essential to enhance the effectiveness of this diet plan. But because you are following this strict diet plan, you can opt for relatively low intensity workouts.Of course, you can try yoga for weight loss too.

Apart from the above, it is important that you don’t bring your body to the changes suggested by the GM diet plan almost suddenly. Start restricting your food intake gradually a few days before you start the GM diet plan. This will prevent your body from reacting negatively as the diet plan wouldn’t be too sudden for you. At the end of this diet, you may want to try some spa recipes to reward yourself!

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